Dear Friends of First Hugs,


After 13 years of operation, First Hugs (Dianjiang Kids International) is shutting its doors.  There have been many changes in China and in the world of international adoption in the past few years. We have seen non profits close down and children sent away for specialized medical treatment called back to their home orphanages. It is amidst these changes that we were told we could no longer operate in XuChang. 


Although we are sad and mourn the children we have grown to love in our program, we are so honored to have been able to work with these institutions, their nannies and our wonderful program manager in China. We have seen hundreds of children adopted into their forever families. We have seen domestic and international adoptions. We have seen children grow and thrive under the care of Ayis who truly loved them. And for that we are truly grateful.


To all who have supported us through the years, through donations, words of encouragement and gifts sent through us to the children, we are eternally grateful. You have made a difference. 


To the board members who have in the past and who currently serve on the First Hugs board, I thank you for your time and support.


Moya Smith

Executive Director

First Hugs/Dianjiang Kids International