About Gracie

First Hugs was originally known as Gracie's Room and is inspired by Gracie Reilly. Gracie Mei Reilly, age 3, died on July 29, 2004 of sudden onset acute leukemia. This beautiful, happy girl spent two loving years with her Forever Family, who miss her greatly.

Cathy, Gracie's mother, writes, "We were meant to show Gracie what it meant to have a family, a home, and people who loved her until it was her time to go. I will be eternally grateful for all she brought to my life."
I know we are making her proud with "Gracie's Room" and the work we are doing. All Gracie wanted was to play with her brothers and sister, and "hold you" as she would say. Now in Gracie's Room children can be played with, loved and held, just as Gracie would have liked.