History Of First Hugs

Gracie's Room operated at Dianjiang, Chongqing from May 2006 through August 2008 with more than 54 children passing through the program. In May 2008, when there was no longer a need for the program at Dianjiang, Dianjiang Kids International began a Gracie's Room at XinXiang, Henan.
 In August 2012, First Hugs, previously called Gracie’s Room, became a 24-hour a day operation with children spending all their time in Gracie's Room. After more than seven years at XinXiang Social Welfare Institute with xx children receiving the care and love of our program, , the board of First Hugs decided it was time to move on and help another orphanage effect change. Our great hope is that XinXiang will continue with the care and nurture we have taught them. XuChang Social Welfare Institute in XuChang, Henan was selected as our new location because of the great need. On October 1, 2015, First Hugs started at XuChang with 18 babies – all with special needs. Our room manager from XinXiang will travel to XuChang weekly to manage the new project and together with CCAI in-China personnel, trained the nine new ayis who will staff First Hugs