Waiting Children

Dianjiang kids is not an adoption agency, nor do we have control over who receives the files of the children in our program. We are advocates for our children and help them receive the care they need. To adopt a child one must go through an adoption agency, that is accredited in their country, to facilitate adoptions from China. 
The children below are all children who are or have been in our program and are waiting for their families. To learn more about these little ones please contact us and we would be glad to share more with you.  We try to highlight our children's accomplishments, but that does not mean that they do not have needs that need to be met. We strongly encourage prospective families to research the needs that they feel comfortable with parenting. 


Kevin is 4 years old and was born with spina bifida that affects his lower limbs. He is a very outgoing child and loves his food. He has a major sweet tooth. He enjoys playing with the other children, however being the oldest in the room has has to be reminded to play nice with the younger kids. He enjoys talking and the nannies are working with him on using sentences. If you would like more on Kevin please contact us. 


Alex is 3.5 years old as was born with a cleft lip and palate which has been repaired. According to his caregivers, he is a handsome and lovely boy who likes to smile but doesn’t speak. He is starting to make sounds and form words, but he is hard to understand. He has had surgery for his cleft lip and palate and has been diagnosed with hearing difficulties. He can sit on his own and stand while holding on to something. Alex can now and walk with assistance, he is also able to climb stairs while holding onto the handrail. He loves to dance and entertain everyone. Alex is on the shared list.