What is First Hugs

In orphanages, children do not get what they need. They do not get a chance to be held and loved. They do not know gentle touch and nurturing. They stay in their cribs all day and don’t develop proper muscle tone. For those who are lucky enough to be adopted, they may come to their new parents delayed and undernourished.
All babies deserve love and affection. In First Hugs, nannies are hired and trained to give 18 babies the love and care they need. The nannies hold the children and feed them. They play with and sing to the children. They rock the children and show them how to love and trust. The children get a chance to explore their space and play with toys. They develop fine and gross motor skills. And the children know love.
Our aim is for all children in First Hugs to find a forever family in China or elsewhere in the world.  When that is not possible, children graduate from First Hugs to school within the orphanage.
Donate now and help sponsor a child to receive love in First Hugs.